Wholesale Soft Color Contact Lenses

wholesale color contact lenses

With the growth of the cosmetic contact lenses market, more and more contact lenses distributors start to sell contact lenses, which means that the wholesale contact lens market will become more and more popular.

Even if we can wholesale Soft Color Contact Lenses in many places now , I would like to recommend to you, The top 10 Soft Color Contact Lenses wholesaler. You can avoid a lot of mistakes in the contact lens market.

Because more and more cheap wholesale contact lens dealers appear, it is difficult to clarify the pros and cons of all contact lens wholesalers.

Before wholesaling contact lenses, you also need to know some parameters of contact lenses whether it meet your needs. These parameters include Water Content, lens material: silicone hydrogel, hydrogel, contact lens curvature, contact lens Diameter, use period, Base Curve, oxygen permeability, etc.

This article is a complete guide to wholesale contact lenses from Freshlady. You can also use it as a guide how to choose correct contact lenses wholesaler.

Wholesale Diamonds Black QA19 Contact Lens

Wholesale Diamonds Black QA19 Contact Lens

1. Why contact lenses wholesale distributor wholesale Color Contact Lens here?

As for many contact lenses wholesale distributors, It’s hard to find a trusted Soft contact lenses wholesaler, cause there are too many cheap wholesale contact lens dealers selling low-quality and cheap contact lenses, which confuses your eyes.

There is a huge market potential to sell contact lenses and have a good profit for cosmetic contact lenses. So many wholesale contact lenses distributors join in the industry.

We have accumulated a good reputation and insist on providing high-quality cosmetic contact lenses,which is the reason we are trusted by contact lenses wholesale distributors.

We have always maintained a sufficient supply of cosmetic contact lenses to ensure that customers can sell soft contact lenses normally.

That‘s why so many color contact lenses wholesale distributor love to wholesale fashion color contact lens from us,and their business go well.

As the biggest color contact lenses manufacturer in China, we can offer strict quality control and good customer after-sales service, which makes the contact lenses wholesaler distributor eased.

Consumers tried all the really trendy models in Freshlady color contact lens collection. We have strong R&D team study the market and There are so many famous brand of similar style like Bella,Lens me, Solotica, Sweety Plus, etc, we will follow the trend fashion pattern and color, and develop our own collection.

What’s more, color contact lenses wholesale distributors can buy high-quality color contact lenses at affordable prices and with most fashion and more models you can choose.Our brand distributor which is over 30 countries and our brand got warm reception worldwide.

Wholesale Diamonds Brown QA14 Contact Lens

Wholesale Diamonds Brown QA14 Contact Lens

Who is more suitable to be our contact lens wholesaler distributor

1. Professional contact lens company

2.Online shop contact lenses

3. Local contact lens store

4. Large contact lens import company

2.The advantages of wholesale colored contact lenses from us

  • High quality colored contact products. 15+ Years manufacturing experience and almost 6000+ partners around the world. Wholesale freshlady contact lenses, you will no longer to worry about the safety and quality of the contacts
  • Perfect after-service and Market solution. Freshlady can help you solve product problem and provide the Perfect market solution. You just need to focus on sell your contacts.
  • New hydrodynamic technology 12 hours Efficient Water Lock
  • High precision multi-radial edge, high-efficiency oxygen permeability
  • Ultra-thin and non-inductive experience, longtime feeling “naked eye” comfort
  • Strict Sandwich color craft, safe without fade.
  • Good design for PACKAGE to make your customer happy
  • Enough stocks for contact lenses to ensure your ample colored lenses. you will never worry about the supply-chain problem.
  • The support that customize your contacts pattern and package logo.
  • Wholesale colored contacts with competitive price.If you want to wholesale cheap colored contact lenses with good quality,we will be your choice.
  • Our contact lenses are 100% internationally certified,CE,ISO etc.

3.What type of colored contact lenses you can wholesale

Some color contact lenses wholesale distributors often complain that they cannot find a suitable manufacturer to supply many types of contact lenses.

Now, the situation will change, we have the most complete type of color contact lenses in the world.

You can wholesale color contact lenses non-prescription, wholesale color contact lenses in power, wholesale Halloween contact lenses, wholesale natural soft contact lenses.

What we need to pay attention to is that when you wholesale contact lenses, you need to know that the diameter of the contact lenses, you need to choose the appropriate diameter according to the local people pupils.

In addition, we have different types of color contact lenses for wholesale including :

Wholesale Hazel Colored Contacts

Wholesale Brown eye contacts

Wholesale Blue eye contacts

Wholesale Gray eye contacts

Wholesale GREEN EYE contacts

4. What is the contacts wholesale price

Generally speaking, contacts wholesale price depends on your order quantity. the more color eye contacts you wholesale, the cheaper the price will be.

If you want to wholesale Korean contact lenses, the price will be expensive, even though the Korean contact lenses have a long history. With the development of the market and technology, many new manufacturers of colored contact lenses appear, and the quality of their contact lenses is not worse than Korean contact lenses.

What’s more, their wholesale prices are very competitive.In view of the overall market situation, the high-end contacts wholesale price ranges from 3$-10$.

But freshlady’s high-end contact lens wholesale price will be extremely competitive, because we have the world’s largest contact lens production capacity, and our wholesale price range is between 2.5$-5$.

You will get when wholesale contact lenses from us

1. Strong contact lens supply chain support

2. Choose all of our contact lens colors

3. Perfect after-sales service support

4. Quality Assurance of Contact Lenses

5. Exclusive contact lens brand customization service

How to wholesale contact lenses to us

It will be important to leave your info,and tell your needs. You can email to us or send messge by Online chat

The info should include:

1. Your name and company introduction

2.The wholesale quantities you want

3.Target market and country

4.The contact lenses color you want

When we receive your request, we will reply promptly and give you specific contact lens price information.

Your Roles

When wholesale contact lenses, customers want to see the real effect of contact lens wearers, so we created a youtube channel to show the effect of wearing contact lenses and visit our youtube channel.