What Do I Need To Know Before Buying White Contact Lenses?

Freshlady has wholesale white contact lenses, and these contacts allow you to play your favorite actor, singer, or anime character. If you want more versatility in your style and makeup, and if you don’t want to be too plainly dressed for the holiday season, then come try our lenses.

What are white contact lenses?

These are soft silicon materials placed on the cornea of the eye. Prescription contact lenses can be used not only to correct vision but also to change the appearance of your eyes. Colored contact lenses are great for changing pupil color and overall makeup.

How to buy white contact lenses

White contact lenses Styles

White lenses are typically available in three styles, including mesh, block, and patterned.

White mesh contacts cover the pupil and iris with a white grid pattern to create a white-blinding effect.

Block lenses have solid blocks of color, which usually may partially obscure your vision once you wear them, but will not interfere with your daily life.

Patterned lenses add a pattern to the iris, but this does not make you blind and you can still maintain normal vision. If you have a specially customized pattern, you can contact Freshlady Team.


This depends largely on your eyes and the quality of your lenses. People with astigmatism need different contact lenses than people with normal or dry eyes, so make sure you have the right type of eyes first.

If you are looking for white contact lenses, we recommend lenses made of silicone hydrogel, which will be a little more breathable than other materials and retain most of the moisture for a long time, keeping your eyes white, healthy and moist all day long.


White lenses are usually more expensive than standard soft clear contact lenses. Prices in retail stores will be higher than wholesale prices because the amount merchants buy from the factory also varies greatly. In addition, lenses cost more to research because they require additional research and development to produce, and the tinting process adds to the manufacturing costs.


You need to make sure that the seller’s merchandise has been approved by the FDA before you buy lenses to avoid health problems from buying inferior goods. A professional sales team can help you determine which white contact lenses are safe for your eyes, and they can also provide product safety tips. For safety reasons, it is critical to purchase contact lenses from a regulated store, as products that have been tested for safety may have problems with cleanliness, manufacturing materials, and care solutions.

Precautions for wearing white contact lenses

  1. Pay attention to the product lifespan. Colored contact lenses are generally divided into daily, monthly, and annual disposables, so be careful not to wear them beyond their useful life.
  2. Clean hands. When wearing or taking off contact lenses, please remember to wash your hands before touching your eyes to prevent the transfer of dust or dirt on the lenses.
  3. Take off your lenses before going to bed. People’s eyes continue to move after they fall asleep, and wearing them while sleeping runs the risk of the lenses running to the back of the eye, in addition to the secretions from the eyes that may cause them to harbor other bacteria.
  4. Do not wear them while bathing. Because in a wet and warm environment, the lenses may get stuck in the eyelids, and trying to remove them increases the risk of bacterial infection of the eyes.
  5. Do not wear them when swimming. Because there are many microorganisms in the pool or sea that can easily attach to the lenses and cause eye redness or allergies.
  6. Do not rinse colored contact lenses with tap water. Make sure they remain in the contact lens care solution after removal.