What Are Contact Lenses Diameter?

Different brands of Color Con have different diameters. When buying contact lenses, in addition to the prescription and curvature, there is a number that we pay less attention to, which is the diameter, representing the total diameter of the lens.

If you choose clear contact lenses, the diameter size generally does not have a big impact. If you choose colored contact lenses, you should pay attention to the fact that Color Con has two diameter numbers, the first is the total diameter of the lens, and the other is the diameter of the color ring.

The diameter of the colored ring is the place where the color is on the top side of the lens; if you pay close attention, the most marginal position of the Color Con is usually reserved for 1 – 2mm of transparency.

The total diameter of the lens is the diameter of the entire lens, which may differ from the diameter of the color ring.

The size of the color ring diameter is the main factor that affects the wearability of Color Con, but please note that not every brand states the diameter of the color ring.

Effect of contact lenses diameter

The diameter of the color contact lens mainly affects the appearance and wearing effect, if you want to have bigger and brighter eyes, you can choose a larger diameter Con, about 14.2 – 14.5mm; if you want to have a more natural effect, you can choose a diameter of 13.8 – 14.2mm, because the total diameter generally means that the effect is more obvious, you can check on the Freshlady website or contact the official website Whatsapp to ask the staff.

In addition, the size of the diameter has an impact on oxygen permeability. Compared to ordinary contact lenses, Color Con’s breathability is generally lower, and if the diameter of the lens is too large, it will affect the proper mobility of the lens, resulting in lower oxygen permeability, and the diameter is too large to cause damage to the cornea. Experts say that the maximum diameter should not exceed 14.5mm so that it will be more comfortable to wear.

Therefore, when choosing contacts, in addition to the effect on the upper eye, you can choose from the diameter of the lenses. If you want to achieve the desired effect when wearing Color Con, you need to choose the right lens, the right color and water, and also the right diameter. You don’t have to choose a larger diameter contact lens if you want a shiny or obvious effect. Some contact lenses have a ring-like layer and a radial pattern design that can achieve larger and more beautiful eyes.

What is the optical zone of contact lenses?

In addition to the diameter of the color ring, it directly affects how small the eye area will be after wearing the contact lens. There are a small number of people with large pupils, so if you choose a Color Con with a small optical area, it may overlap with the color position on the lens when the pupil is dilated and affect your vision.

I believe you know how to choose your contacts, and I hope this information will help you.