Three Popular Cosmetic Color Contact Lenses Recommendations

There are more and more styles of colored contact lenses, and changing a different color contact lens can change the impression of your makeup. Although bright-colored contact lenses can create gorgeous eye makeup, many people do not know how to grasp the focus of eye makeup, this article is here to select the current popular contact lens style, and teach you how to draw a suitable eye makeup.

First: Light brown contact lenses

Love Story FA14-1 PEA

Love Story FA14-1 PEA

Light brown eyes are very suitable for creating gentle eye makeup, first of all, use some brown eyeshadow darker than the eyelids to fill the eye sockets, and then use a darker brown to strengthen the end of the eye and the head of the eye.

Choose a natural light brown eyeliner as well, and pull the upper eyeliner flat, before strengthening the lower eye line at the end of the eye (especially the triangle at the end of the eye), and at the lower eye head to naturally enlarge the eyes.

Finally, curl your eyelashes and brush on your mascara and your gentle, yet lively natural brown eye makeup is complete.

Second: Pink and purple contact lenses

This pink-purple contact lens is a style that people who like Korean style will try because it looks pathetic and gentle, and the gradient style is not too abrupt, which is suitable for dating occasions.

The first thing is to use light brown eyeshadow to fill the eye sockets, and then use white pearl eyeshadow to fill the entire eye sockets (you are welcome, please be heavy-handed), and also to bring the sleeping silkworm and the lower eye area, so that the whole eye is shining with a beautiful pearl sense.

After that is the focus of the entire eye makeup, use peach eyeshadow to create a gentle peach blossom eye, eyeshadow on the crease of the eyelid and the upper and lower eye area.

The eyeliner is naturally brought over the upper eye line with a gray-brown eyeliner and strengthens the lower part of the eye line. The gray-brown eyeliner is a very gentle color, which is perfect for matching with pink eye shadow.

Afterward, brush on the mascara. You can use a burned wooden wand to make the lashes last longer and curl up more, just like a perm mascara, one more small step can make the lashes curl up all day.

Finally, use eyeliner to strengthen the end third of the eye, and the beautiful pink eye makeup is complete.

Third: Blue and purple contact lenses

Rococo Royalty Blue Contact Lenses

Rococo Royalty Blue Contact Lenses

First, use three different shades of grayish brown to base, light brown all over the eye socket, then use a darker brown on both eyelids, and the darkest brown to strengthen the head and the last third of the eye, and the bottom of the eye near the root of the eyelashes.

Next, the color of the lower eyeliner is the focus. The purple eyeliner is drawn at the base of the lower eyelashes to give the eyes an extra sense of mystery. For the upper eyeliner, a thin line is drawn flat with black eyeliner, and the end of the eye can be enhanced with eyeliner.

Then, the eyeshadow is blue to add mystery. Blue eyeshadow nectar is dabbed on the upper eyelid to reveal a mysterious blue shine every time you blink.

Finally, curl your eyelashes and brush on your mascara, and your beautiful blue and purple galaxy eye makeup is complete.


The point of makeup is to match the color of the contact lenses to change the eye makeup, contacts, and eye shadow to go the same color can make eye makeup more integral, after reading this article, you should feel that contacts are not so difficult to manage, learn these makeup, the next time you can go to the appointment with beautiful eye makeup.

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