The Important Things About Contact Lenses Manufacturer

1. Where are most Contact lenses manufacturer located in the world

The contact lens has a market size of more than 100 billion, but its share is tightly controlled by several major brand contact lens manufacturers.

At present, Contact lens manufacturers are mainly distributed in South Korea, China, and Japan. Investing in a Contact lens factory requires a huge cost, which is the reason why there are so few Contact lens manufacturers in the world.

The US has the largest contact lens market, with major brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Alcon, but there are very few Contact lens manufacturers in the USA. They mainly look for OEM/ODM contact lens factories to help them produce contact lenses, and they focus on research and development.

The largest contact lens manufacturer comes from China with the largest factory area. The best contact lens manufacturer comes from Japan, and the contact lens manufacturer is from South Korea, which has the most mature technology. China’s contact lens manufacturer has the lowest cost and an advantageous price. Chinese contact lens manufacturer has the lowest cost and the price is a competitive advantage.


contact lenses factory
contact lenses factory


2. The development trend of the contact lens manufacturer

In the future, the development of contact lens manufacturers will become more refined rather than large-scale. More and more manufacturers will become custom contact lens manufacturers.

Each contact lens manufacturer will complete small batch production according to the specific needs of customers, and each manufacturer will have its customer group.


contact lenses manufacturer


3. The Benefits of Buying Contact Lenses From a Manufacturer

There are many advantages to directly ordering soft contact lenses in bulk from the contact lens manufacturer.

Especially, With the increasing trend to enhance aesthetics and the increasing prevalence of visual impairment, the global contact lens market is growing very fast and it also tests the ability of contact lens manufacturers.

At the same time, a lot of contact lens business opportunities appear in front of contact lens wholesalers and beauty enthusiasts.

If you can find a good contact lens manufacturer, Which will improve your contact lens business.

Buying contact lenses from the manufacturer means that you will enjoy a good price and quality.

You don’t need to worry about contact lens inventory.

Then, among many contact lens suppliers, how to buy good quality contact lenses in bulk at the lowest contact lens price? Or say, where to directly buy lenses online from a contact lens manufacturer?

This article will tell what kind of contact lens manufacturer you can trust and how to find the best site to buy contact lenses. So it requires contact lens suppliers to have strong strength.


contact lenses test room

The several important points you need to clear when buying Contact Lenses from the manufacturer?


1. How Many Type Of Contact Lens they can provide

People will need to wear different lenses to match the makeup for different occasions and needs. General contact lens suppliers would manufacture different types of lenses to meet the need of the contact lens market, including prescription contacts, nonprescription contacts, transparent lenses, soft color lenses, crazy contact lenses, and also including the contact lens care product – contact lens solutions and Accessories.


2. How many kinds of Color Of Contact Lens

To match different makeup and styles, that should be a variety of different lens colors from colored contact manufacturers to choose from. For daily makeup, you can choose the best natural-looking colored contacts.

Also, you can get the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes and the best-colored contacts nonprescription from contact lens manufacturers.

As a contact lens wholesaler, you can mix the colors of the contact you want and pick the eye lens colors and contact accessories per your customer’s style and demands in the contact lens market.

Popular contacts colors on the market are: brown eye contacts, blue eye contacts, gray eye contacts, green eye contacts, honey color contacts, hazel colored contacts, pink contact lenses, and for crazy lenses, that would be white, red eye contacts, black contacts, yellow eye contacts, and purple eye contacts.

You can mix the contact lens colors per your contacts market so that you can enjoy the discount colored contacts. At the same time, you can wholesale the best natural colored contacts and the best crazy contacts at a competitive price if you find the best way to buy contact lenses.


3. Contact Lens Price

As a contact lens manufacturer, they are proud to provide customers with a variety of contacts at competitive prices. If you want to wholesale contact lenses at the lowest price, there is no doubt that the best choice is that you directly buy the lenses online from the manufacturer. From a top contact lens manufacturer, you will get the best contact lens and enjoy the best price and best quality, which will bring you great benefits and long-term and stable cooperation.


4. Lens Supply Ability And Production Capacity

With your customer base growing, your lens orders are getting larger and larger. At this time, cooperating with a contact lens manufacturer with a stable supply ability and production capacity is your only best choice.

When your demand for contact lenses is increasing and the frequency of placing orders becomes more frequent, can your contact lens supplier stably supply you with lenses monthly, weekly, or even daily? When you need to prepare enough contact lens inventory, does your contact lens supplier have excellent production capacity? When your contact lens business develops very well, can your contact lens supplier be your strong backing?

As a strong contact lens manufacturer, Freshlady has stable supply ability and production capacity, we can support your contact lens business well whether you are in the early, middle, or peak period of your contact lenses business.


Rose Bloom cosplay crazy lens YS4
Rose Bloom cosplays crazy lens YS4


5. How many contact lenses inventory do they have

Sufficient contact lens inventory is very important to customers. Whether you are in the early stages of development, we provide you with low MOQ lens orders, or when your lens order demand has not been produced, we have sufficient lens stock to support you.

The sufficient stock also means that the manufacturer’s stable supply capacity and productivity which you should pay attention to.

If you are looking for the best online site to buy contact lenses? You can find the latest and classic contact lens styles in Freshlady. We have sufficient stock and can arrange the shipment for you on the same day.


Where To Directly Buy Contact Lenses Online From Contact Lenses Manufacturer?

If you want to wholesale contact lenses, the top 10 contact lenses wholesaler you should know

The best place suggested buying contact lenses in bulk

You have 1000+ colored contact lenses you can choose from Freshlady which includes transparent lenses, color contact lenses, crazy contact lenses, prescription contact lenses, and non-prescription contact lenses that are widely used in makeup, party, Halloween, and cosplay.

Maybe you would ask: how much are the contact lenses you sell? Here is the answer: Freshlady offers you eye contacts at a cheap and competitive price with low MOQ 50 pairs. You can get contact lenses here at factory price, which will bring huge benefits to you.

The most important thing is that Freshlady can be your strong contact lens supplier. Over 35 years of colored contact lens manufacturing experience, fashion contact lens design of over 800 models, the monthly production capacity of over 20 million pairs of contact lenses, high quality passed CE, ISO13485 certificate. You will get contact lenses of good quality, at a good price, and cooperate with a good contact lens supplier you can trust. So you can find the best contact lenses online here which will support your contact lens business well and win good contact lens reviews from your customers.