Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

What are silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

The more common contact lens materials are hydrogel and silicone hydrogel, silicone hydrogel is the addition of silicon to the contact lens to increase the oxygen permeability of the lens (Dk/t). The higher the Dk/t, the higher the oxygen molecules available to the cornea and the healthier the eye will be.

Why do silicone contact lenses have a lower water content?

By adding silicon, silicone contact lenses can achieve both low water content and high oxygen permeability. The water content represents the proportion of water contained in the contact lens, and the water content is not equal to the degree of moisturization. The contact lenses evaporate when they come into contact with the air, and lenses with high water content will require tears to maintain the water content, which can easily cause dry eyes.

Are silicone contact lenses better?

When wearing contacts for a long period, the eyes tend to become dry due to a lack of oxygen, and the high oxygen permeability of silicone contacts can improve the problem of lack of oxygen to the cornea. However, silicone contact lenses are not without their drawbacks, as they are thicker and harder than hydrogel, and may feel more foreign body-like when worn. If your discomfort does not improve, it is recommended that you consult an eye care professional to further check your suitability for silicone gel lenses.

Are there colored silicone contact lenses?

There are more and more colored silicone contacts on the market, in addition to the clear models, so people who prefer colored lenses can try them. So let’s take a look at Freshlady’s contacts.

1. La Girl Brown Color Contact Lenses

2. La Girl Green Color Contact Lenses

3. La Girl Blue Color Contact Lenses

4. La Girl Grey Color Contact Lenses

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