Sclera color contact lenses
Wholesale big diameter 22mm Sclera LensesSclera Lenses with factory price

Various colors Sclera Crazy Lenses are available at our factory

Sclera contact lenses

We have big diameter Sclera Lenses in various colors including red Sclera Lenses, white Sclera Lenses, black Sclera Lenses,blue sclera lenses.

Sclera crazy Contact Lenses can be worn on Halloween and cosplay parties, which has a more terrifying explosion effect.

Wholesale Sclera crazy Lenses in bulk

If you are looking for Sclera crazy Lenses manufacturer and want to wholesale Sclera Lenses, you are in the right place.

I want to buy your Sclera crazy Lenses, are there any requirements?

The Sclera contact lenses styles only support customization.

Our customization requirements:
You need to buy 500 pairs of  Sclera crazy Lenses of each color in bulk at least

Do you support wholesale Sclera crazy Lenses with small batch ?

If you want to wholesale Sclera crazy Lenses in small batches, you can contact us, we only have a small part of Sclera crazy Lenses in stock.