This dual-color contact lens is smoothly colored and has a radial-shaped petal texture, giving the lens a super 3D effect. The subtle limbal ring makes your eyes more profound. Its biggest highlight is the dark spots on the iris. It breaks the aesthetic design of conventional color contact lenses, transforms the original flaws into unique beauty, embellishes the entire pair of eyes, which is unforgettable at first sight.

“Stunna” is slang. The real word is “stunner”. A person with a lot of money, cars, jewelry, etc. Mostly used in rap songs.

“I have enough cars, Money, jewelry, Freshlady, said no one ever!”

This series will come in 4 colors of contact lenses, so our team has designed 4 wealthy female characters to represent each color contact lens in the collection. They have different identities, occupations, and personalities, just like the spots on this iris of different colors, each showing a unique style. And we named them: {Stunna Girl}.

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