The Guide To Private Label Contact Lenses

Maybe you are operating a wholesale contact lenses business, maybe you are going to enter the industry, and also maybe you are planning to build your brand. This article will be a complete guide to private label contact lenses.

What Are Private Label Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses OEM manufacturers would help some companies to build their brand, which is customizing service. As the needs of customers become more and more diversified, Private Label services have gradually become a trend, which helps companies to promote their brands and form their product audiences.

The attention to Private Label Contact Lenses

We need to pay attention to some things including Checking whether the price of the customized privatization label is appropriate; whether the product’s packaging design meets your requirements; The lead time for goods.These factors will affect the quality of products.

Generally speaking, the price of private Label Contact Lenses is higher. You can choose a variety of packaging types, the lead time is around 30 days.

The best place to Private Label your Contact Lenses brand

If you are looking for the best place to make your Private Label Contact Lenses brand, Kangshida Technology Group is the right place.

Kangshida is an ideal private label contact lens manufacturer for your brand’s custom product development and manufacturing. We have been providing brand establishment service for years to many customers from small online retailers to big chain distributors including many best-known brands in the cosmetics and contact lens industry from South East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

We can help you make private label colored contact lenses with your brand for orders as small as 1000 pairs.

At the same time, with the low MOQ, you can still mix the available colors you want! And we will listen to and support you all through the delivery of products and materials.

Also, we can design and develop a cosmetic 、colored, or crazy-colored lens as per your requirements. And value-added services like logo, packaging design, and photo shooting are all provided free of charge. Whether private label clear prescription lenses for your optical chain practice or private label cosmetic colored lenses with or without prescription, Kangshida is here to fulfill all your product development and manufacturing need. You just focus on selling.

Except for contacts private label, we also support private label lens care solutions. While making eyes beautiful, eye health can not be ignored. So contact lenses care is very important, especially for the weekly lens, monthly lens, and yearly lens. Private label contact lens solutions for a private label contact lens brand is an indispensable products in the contact lens product chain.

The Order Processing for Private Label Contact Lenses

If you are considering setting up your brand, you can contact us and tell us your needs, and we will help you customize the Private Label only for you.

The step below will be a good guide.

1. Detailed Discussion of Requirements

About the order quantity, lens color, design requirements of customized packaging, if lens solution is needed, if lens accessories like tweezers, applicator, and case are needed, or any other requirements, all details should be discussed and confirmed before quotation of private label contact lens.

2. Confirmation of the color

For private label contacts orders, you can mix the colors you want from our available colors.

3. Quotation for the contact lenses price

The price of the private label contact lens depends on the quantity, size, and material of packaging, and if lens accessories are needed. We will offer our best private label lens price per your requirements.

4. Pay for the Deposit for private label

30% deposit before production of lenses private label order.

5. Design the private label package

If you have packaging design of private label contacts already, we will arrange the customized packaging sample after the deposit is paid;

If don’t have a design, we have a professional design team that can help to create a unique design for your private label lenses brand according to your requirements until you are satisfied.

6. Sample Confirmation

After the design is finished and confirmed, we will arrange samples of customized packaging of private label lens

7. Mass Production the contact lenses

After the packaging sample is confirmed, then we will move forward with private label contact lenses order to mass production.

8. Balance Payment

Before shipment, the balance payment should be fully paid.

9. How to Shipment

After the balance payment is finished, we will arrange the shipment of the private label contact lens order.

We can support you well from lens quality, low quantity, good price, packaging design service, and after-sale service, and also the stable supply ability based on strong production ability which is important to your private label lenses business.

Private Label Contact Lenses has a good market prospect, and we are committed to providing customers with the best service. If you have any questions about our brand service, please contact us.