Prescription contact lens

Wholesale Prescription contact lens with factory price

Contact lenses can be classified as prescription contact lenses and non-prescription colored contacts.

Usually prescriptions contact lenses contain specific information to ensure that your contact lenses are safe, comfortable, and provide the best vision.

If you suffer from myopia or hyperopia, it is better to choose prescription contact lenses. Otherwise, non prescription colored contacts is a better choice for eye makeup.

At present, we can supply you with a large number of high-quality prescription contact lenses and can customize different degrees.

Wholesale prescription contact lenses

We support the wholesale of prescription contact lenses of various degrees. For details, please refer to our contact lens catalog !

Can i Wholesale non prescription colored contacts

Yes, non prescription colored contacts are available for Wholesale.As an original manufacturer of contact lenses, we have a stable supply capacity to ensure the supply of non prescription colored contacts.

Where can wholesale prescription colored contacts

In China, Japan, South Korea, you can find many colored contacts factories. You just need to find these factories and wholesale their products.