How To Clean Contact Lens Water Cartridges?

There are so many contact lens water cartridges in the drawer set at home. They are not easy to break, so why do they have to be provided all the time? Freshlady will answer your questions about why they often come with a cartridge when you buy a maintenance solution.

Before we start, please think carefully about how long you have not changed the water cartridge or cleaned it thoroughly.

According to statistics on the internet, up to 77% of water cartridges have bacteria in them and 8% have even been found to contain amoebas. This survey shows that most users neglect the cleaning and maintenance of contact lens accessories, but in fact, the importance of cleaning accessories is as important as the cleanliness of the lenses themselves. If you use unclean water cartridges, the chance of contracting bacterial keratitis will be four times higher than the average person.

When storing contact lenses, the lenses must be immersed in a water container for a considerable period. An unclean water container is like a petri dish for bacteria, which will attach to the surface of the lenses while soaking, increasing the chance of infection. Cases have been reported that most of the microbial samples collected from patients with bacterial keratitis can be found in the same strains in the water cassette.

Bacteria and microorganisms may enter the cartridge with unclean hands or lenses, or indirectly through the air, and once they enter the cartridge, they will attach to the cartridge wall and change from a planktonic state to a fixed sessile biofilm. Almost all common contaminants on lenses are bacteria, but researchers have collected bacteria, fungi, and protozoa (such as amoebae) in water cartridges.

What is the proper way to clean the cartridge?

  • After taking your contact lenses out of the cassette,
  • you should scrub the cassette with contact lens cleaner.
  • Then rinse with water or saline.
  • If you do not scrub with a cleaner, you should at least scrub with water.
  • After scrubbing, dry the case and lid with clean tissue.
  • Place face down in a dry place.
  • Replace the maintenance box regularly

Note: Do not place the water cassette in the bathroom or toilet.

The cleaning and maintenance of contact lens accessories should be as important as the maintenance of the lenses themselves, yet they are always neglected by users. To reduce the chance of eye infections and inflammation caused by contact lens wear, everyone should understand the importance of contact lens accessory cleaning and implement it. It is important to understand the importance of cleaning contact lenses and to implement it so that the use of contact lenses is not only an aesthetic and comfortable option, but also takes into account eye health.

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