How To Choose The Right Colored Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses have evolved from clear to a variety of colors and patterns, and after seeing various IG celebrities and actresses wearing colored contact lenses on the Internet, they have transformed into hybrid elves, and they want to try a big transformation, but they don’t know what colors of colored contact lenses are suitable for them.

Choose colored contact lenses from skin color

The main shades of colored contact lenses are naturally brown, cool gray and blue, and green and purple. Warm brown contact lenses feel more natural and healthy and are suitable for women with yellow Asian skin and healthy wheat skin tones.

Green and purple contact lenses are more suitable for fair-skinned women and can be worn to emphasize a mysterious and elegant look. If your skin is not white enough, you can try purple and black or brownish linen green contact lenses, which will feel more natural and have the effect of embellishing your makeup.

The cool gray and blue contact lenses are suitable for women of all skin tones, and look like a hybrid, with European and American style makeup can become a “pseudo-hybrid” beauty; with the Asian simple makeup, you can become a cute little elf, these two colors of contact lenses can be your entry point choice.

Choose colored contact lenses from hair color

Natural brunettes or women with dark brown hair can use black and dark gray contact lenses to make their eyes brighter and deeper, and they overall look more luminous. In contrast to the black color, the blue color can add a stylish touch to the monotonous hair color.

Natural brown hair color is not suitable with green or purple and other too-exaggerated contact lenses, natural brown or black contact lenses are the best, as contact lenses can highlight bright eyes and delicate contours.

Women with light hair color can try grey or blue contact lenses to make their skin look finer and fairer, and their eyes look more eye-catching and easily become the focus of attention.

The girl who dyed her hair in dreamy shades such as pink or pinkish purple should of course wear more eye-catching and bright-colored contact lenses. Lighter shades of gray or purple contact lenses can help to brighten up the skin tone and make them look like an elf naturally.

Although colored contact lenses can be used to accent makeup, they should not be worn for long periods, so remember to give your eyes more time to rest.

Contact lens recommendation

Freshlady Stunna Girl comes in four natural colors. Our team designed four rich female characters to represent each color contact lens in the collection. They have different identities, different professions, and different personalities, just like the different colored spots on this iris, each showing their unique style.

Nadine Brown is full of sunny and passionate charm, allowing you to exude a different temperament in your daily makeup; while Chole Blue brings a bit of mystery, allowing you to show your beauty.

The Kamille Green is a feminine and soft charm that is perfect for dating, while the Romona Grey is bold and allows you to step out of your comfort zone and show your unique personality.

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