How Should I Clean Contact Lens Properly?

Saline and maintenance solution, usage indistinguishable? When exactly should I rinse with saline? The invention of contact lenses has brought beauty and convenience, changing the glasses family from being limited by glasses to contacts, and allowing girls to add to their makeup. But while we love beauty, we also need to take good care of our eyes. If you don’t clean your lenses well, dirt will build up on them, which will not only reduce the life of the lenses but also cause eye damage that is difficult to recover from. If you wear them for too long or if they are not cleaned properly, they may cause inflammation or infection of the cornea, which is more than worth the loss.

Basic classification of contact lens cleaning products

There are also commercially available products with the following effects, so please choose the correct maintenance according to the lenses you buy.

Cleaning solution: cleaning lenses

Physiological saline: rinses the lenses

Preservation solution: soak and disinfect lenses

Enzyme solution: protein removal, cleaning, rinsing, storage, etc.

Cleaning steps for contact lens

After choosing the right cleaning product, we also need to have the right cleaning steps.

Step 1: Clean hands

Before removing your contact lenses, clean your hands thoroughly.

Step 2: Rub and clean

Apply 3~5 drops of contact lens solution on both sides and the surface of the lens.

Rinse both sides of the lens with the contact lens solution for 5 seconds each to remove residue.

Proper cleaning and disinfection will kill the bacteria and microorganisms that cause eye diseases.

Step 3: Soak and disinfect

Place the cleaned lenses in the lens care case and fill them with fresh contact lens solution.

Screw the lid on the case and soak for 6 hours before wearing.

Please wear your lenses according to the recommended number of days and time of use in each contact lens prescription.

Be sure to dispose of the old solution in the case after each wear and do not reuse it.

Step 4: Cleaning and replace the case

Frequently used cases are prone to dirt and contamination.

Be sure to clean the case daily and replace it with a new one every season.

Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of the hidden eye

1. Scrubbing by hand

There is no way to clean contact lenses if you throw them directly into the cleaning solution. You must scrub by hand for more than 30 seconds to achieve the cleaning effect.

This can effectively remove impurities and precipitates on the lens, remember to scrub with a cleaning solution, tap water or boiling water does not have a cleaning and disinfection effect.

2. Long-wearing contact lenses should be replaced every 1-2 years

After 1 to 2 years, the lens material will naturally become old, even if there is regular cleaning, there will still be a little microbial residue on the lens, then should be discarded for a new one, so as not to hurt the eyes.

3. Lenses should not be stored in physiological salt water

You should use a special maintenance solution! Physiological saline has no sterilizing effect, so if you use it to store your lenses, bacteria will easily grow and cause eye infections.

4. Use the same brand of contact lens

It is recommended to use contact lenses of the same brand to avoid uncomfortable wear or allergies.

5. Remove protein from long-wear contact lenses regularly

When wearing contact lenses, tears will adhere to the lenses and the proteins in them will penetrate deep into the lenses. It is recommended to use enzyme tablets to remove protein every week to break down the protein structure and maintain the cleanliness of the lens surface. Daily disposable lenses should be discarded after daily wear, so there is no problem with protein removal.

6. Use period of drops

Contact lens solution should be used up within 4 months after unpacking, while saline solution should not be used up for more than 1 month after opening.

7. Contact lenses should not be immersed in the cleaning solution for a long time

If you soak for a long time, the solution will lose its disinfection ability and may breed bacteria. It is recommended to replace the soaking solution with a new one once every 2 days and to disinfect and clean again.

8. Oxygen peroxide disinfection system needs to be neutralized

Because the disinfection system uses 3% hydrogen peroxide, remember to add a platinum ring or neutralizing tablet when disinfecting, and wear it only after it is completely neutralized, so as not to cause corneal damage.

9. Separate cleaning solutions for soft and hard contact lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of hydrocolloid, which is comfortable and oxygen permeable, but easily absorbs dirt, while hard contact lenses are made of acrylic with silicone, which is less likely to absorb dirt and microorganisms, making cleaning and maintenance easier and more convenient. Because the concentration and strength of the two drops are different, they should not be used interchangeably to avoid hurting your eyes.

10. Do not use tap water to rinse the lenses

Tap water contains many bacteria and microorganisms that can easily cause eye infections! And contact lenses in contact with tap water will cause shrinkage and constriction, which will make them more uncomfortable to wear, so it is recommended to use saline to rinse the lenses.

This article is just some lens-cleaning suggestions from the freshlady team. If you need to purchase products or have other questions, you can contact us.

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