How Should I Choose Contacts For Different Colored Eyes?

Some people are very good at wearing contacts, and they look more attractive when they wear them, while others will lose all their aura and become dull and stiff once they wear them. Today, we’re going to talk about what makes people more suitable for wearing contacts. And more importantly, what kind of contacts do you want to wear?

Principles for choosing contact colors

Many people start their pupil careers with a mixed-race look. This is probably because most Asian eyes are black or a dark brown color close to black, which makes them look the same, so many young girls want something different when they first buy contacts.

People with light-colored eyes will look more harmonious if they wear hybrid light-colored contacts because they are roughly the same color as their own eyes.

For people with light-colored eyes, it is possible to wear dark-colored contacts because they can perfectly cover up your own eye color. However, it is not recommended because it loses the translucency of your light-colored eyes.

If you use light-colored contacts for people with dark eyes, the difference in color with your own eyes is too great, so the effect of enlargement will be less natural, and it will be difficult to get the effect of lighter eyes.

If you have dark eyes and want a more natural enlargement effect, we recommend choosing a darker color for your contacts.

In short, light pupil colors are recommended for lighter lenses, while dark pupil colors are recommended for darker lenses, and it is safest to follow your own criteria, but people with lighter eye colors have a wider range of choices.

How do choose the right color contacts for you?

For people with light and dark pupils, what kind of contacts are most suitable?

Dark pupil colors

For people with dark eyes, it is best to choose dark brown contacts if you are looking for a natural eye magnification effect. Some people with darker pupils may not be happy with this because their eye color is dark and their contacts are still dark, making them feel less bright and less shiny.

Light colors

Lighter pupil colors are relatively more liberating, and lighter pupils are the most suitable, as they retain the brightness of the eyes themselves. If the problem with dark pupils is that the color of your eyes is too dark and you don’t feel smart enough, then the problem with light pupils is that they are often too dark. The problem with light pupils is that they tend to be too light in color and do not look sharp enough.

Especially when taking pictures, the color of the eyes will look lighter than normal because of the strong light used when taking pictures. If you are wearing light-colored contacts, the effect of enlarging your eyes will not be too good, because light colors really don’t show up under strong light.

Therefore, freshlady has a suggestion, when you take photos, you can choose a slightly darker color than the everyday model of contacts, the effect will be better. For those who want to take pictures or want to look more refreshed with a lighter pupil color, you can choose a pupil shape with a lighter pupil and a darker outer ring, which will naturally look more spiritual.

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