How long do I need to take off my contact lenses?

Can I sleep with my contact lenses in?

If you sleep with your contact lenses overnight, you will have a lot of bacteria attached to your lenses throughout the day. Sleeping with our eyes tightly closed and our lenses in a closed space for several hours is very dangerous and may cause irreparable damage due to infection.

Is it okay to wear contact lenses for a nap?

In fact, our eyes need to breathe through contact with the air, and being covered by contact lenses will cause a lack of oxygen to the eyes, and when the eyes are closed and blocked by contact lenses, it is almost impossible to change oxygen to the eyes, so in the long term, not only will the eyes be full of blood.

There will also be chronic dry eyes, corneal edema, etc. So even if you are taking a nap, you should avoid wearing contact lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses in a cool room all the time?

The humidity in a cold room is around 35% to 50%, which is a relatively dry environment, and contact lenses are almost dried out on the eyes.

Therefore, if you often feel dry eyes, it is a warning sign, although it is better to wear less in this case, but what are the other ways to improve?

Put a glass of water: Putting a glass of water can moderately increase the humidity in the air of the cold room, to avoid excessive dryness of the hidden eye bringing harm to the eyes.

Artificial tears: You can use artificial tears to keep your eyes moist when they feel dry and uncomfortable, but remember to seek professional advice first.

Wearing low water content contact lenses: In fact, this condition is not suitable for wearing high water content lenses. High-water content contact lenses themselves will absorb tears from the eyes in order to maintain high water content, which will cause more dryness in the eyes.

Avoid long-term, prolonged wear: To protect your eyes, do not wear contact lenses for a long time, and let your eyes close moderately for a break.

Can I wear contact lenses in the shower?

If we take a shower without removing our contact lenses, we may experience blurred vision and foreign body sensations over time. This is because

This can infect the amoeba and cause the cornea to be destroyed.

The eyes have an antibacterial mechanism, and if there are foreign objects on their surface, they will blink and tear to get rid of the bacteria on the eyes.

Tears produced by the body also have antibacterial properties. Suppose you take a shower or swim without removing your contact lenses. In that case, tap water contains a lot of bacteria and microorganisms that can easily attach to the surface of your contact lenses, giving them the opportunity to invade your eyes and cause damage. In addition, please remember to wash and dry your hands when putting on and removing your contact lenses to prevent bacteria from invading your eyes.

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