The Hot Contact Lenses Color In Middle East Market

Hot contact lenses are popular in the Middle East market because women in countries such as Israel, Lebanon, and Iran are more materialistic and have more time to focus on beauty products.

What are the hot contact lenses that people in the Middle East like?

Generally speaking, women in Middle Eastern countries like to wear natural colors. They don’t like flashy styles, so blue and green styles are not as popular over there, while brown, hazel, and gray are more popular.

What are the top-selling contact lens brands in the Middle East?

Some well-known brands include Dahab, ZEISS, and others. In addition, there are many smaller brands in the Middle East.

How are hot contact lenses sold in the Middle East?

The majority of sales are through social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, and as social media becomes more developed, people are choosing to build their brands and market them online.

Why are hot contact lenses popular in the Middle East?

Because the locals are very concerned about the quality and comfort of the product. Although many brands ring contacts, Freshlady has the advantage in terms of popularity, quality and price. The brand’s contact lenses come in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, and in addition, their products are divided into daily, monthly, and annual disposables

Etc. Here are some of the colors that are popular in the Middle East market.

The hot Contact Lenses Color in Middle East Market