Good Review About New York Contact Lenses

Some customers like our New York contact lenses so much that they make good suggestions for improvement after purchasing and using them.

We are very grateful for this, and we are also happy to hope that more users will post their opinions and comments on our contact lenses.

Below I will show the valuable advice of an experienced contact lens wearer. We believe that we will get better and better.

This user said: I will have good improvement suggestions for your New york series contact lenses.

New York BLUE Natural Colored Contact Lenses

I am just a user that has been trying to find more natural-looking ones throughout the years.. a lot has been improved since the 90ies! Hoping to see more :).

The small pupil idea for contact lenses is just perfect! And can be applied to many popular designs. The problem with the New York series (anything other than New york blue and Newyork n jade) is the opaqueness of the design. When it’s too light and too opaque it creates a freely Halloween-style look. I have to suggestions in the hopes of fixing the issue.

1. For very light colors it may be just a little more translucent allowing the light in a little more since the eye is covered up to the pupil. If the disguise of the pupil can still be maintained, it can improve the realistic look. An example of that would apply the small pupil idea to the “polar lights” series of blues or greens.

New York Gray Colored Contact Lenses

2. Another issue with the design of the colored contact is the need of going darker in the tones when getting closer to the pupil to create less of a dome effect. You know the lenses are sitting on the cornea and when the lenses get lighter in the center it looks super fake and actually does bother other people when you are wearing them.

Today I tried the n jade. A little greenish version of New York blue. I would say my second favorite. Gogh gray and n gray were not usable for me. Gogh gray is way too light and way too opaque. Couldn’t even wear it for Halloween. And n gray is way too dark to make a difference on your brown iris.

Indeed, we are always moving in the direction of producing the most perfect contact lenses. We will take this user’s suggestion seriously, and we have launched an upgraded version of the New York series of contact lenses. At present, we are also receiving other feedback about the New York series of contact lenses with small pupils. We will all improve one by one