Frequently Asked Questions About Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

I’ve only worn my daily disposable contact lenses for a little while, so I can continue to wear them tomorrow. This is a common statement in everyday life, but it’s actually not true, and Freshlady will give you answers to common questions about daily disposable contact lenses.

Frequently asked questions about daily disposable contact lenses

Q1. Can I continue to use daily disposable contact lenses the next day if I only use them for two or three hours?

Of course not! Even if you use a maintenance solution to clean them and make the surface look clean, there may still be bacteria left on the lens surface. However, the material of daily disposable lenses is designed for one-time use, and the longer you use them, the less oxygen permeable they will be.

Q2. How long can I wear daily disposable lenses? What is the correct wearing time?

We recommend that you wear your contact lenses for no more than 8 hours a day, whether daily or monthly. Wearing them for more than 8 hours will decrease the amount of oxygen your eyes receive, making them prone to dryness and may even cause corneal disease. In addition, it is not right to sleep with your contact lenses on. You must remove them before going to bed to protect your eye health.

Q3. Do monthly disposable lenses mean that I can wear them thirty times?

Monthly disposable lenses need to be replaced after thirty days of unpacking. As they are used for longer periods of time, even if they are cleaned and maintained every day, there will still be deposits that cannot be removed.

Q4. Can I soak saline after taking off the lenses?

No, the saline solution does not have a cleaning effect, so you need to use a suitable maintenance and cleaning solution and perform the correct steps to maintain the life span of your contact lenses and the safety of wearing them.

Q5. Can I still wear expired contact lenses?

Although expired contact lenses may look the same as normal contact lenses, the maintenance solution or lenses inside may have deteriorated, and expired contact lenses can cause bacteria to grow, which may affect the health of your eyes if you wear them as they are, so you should not use expired contact lenses no matter how they look.

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