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    Do you have a minimum order requirement

    Yes,you need to order 100 piece contact lens at least,so you can enjoy our factory price.

    Could you customize the contact lenses patterns

    Yes,we can customize the contact lenses patterns according to your needs.

    How to wholesale your contact lenses

    If you want to wholesale our contact lenses,please tell me your quantities and needs,and contact us by our official contact way.

    Contact Us


    Whatsapp: +8613342867681

    Office Address:  Room 2506-2509, No. 555 Ren Min Middle Road, Bank of America Tower, Guangzhou

    Factory Address: Park Road, Baiyin District, Baiyin City, Gansu Province, China

    contact lenses distributor

    Dear Contact Lenses Distributor :

    If you are interested in building a better partnership with us. Please feel free to take a little time to complete the form at the right. We are very appreciative of your interest in being our Freshlady contact lenses brand contact colored lenses distributor, and dealer. We desire to help you expand your local contact lenses market with you.


    1. Firstly, Being a distributor of Freshlady contact lenses and let me know what kind of products are you interested in. As one of the biggest contact lens manufacturers in China, we can offer high-quality contact lenses with factory prices directly, attractive award systems, and marketing support proposals for long-term cooperation.

    2. Then we need to know more about your company, we will review whether your company is qualified to distribute our contact lenses. We reject false promotions and cannot bring good value dealers to customers. Therefore, our dealers need to have a certain ability to maintain customers.

    3. Finally, We need to sign a contract to ensure that we can meet all the requirements for each other.

    We have a variety of agency models you can choose from, including regional general contact lens agencies, regional contact lens exclusive agencies, and freshly contact lens brand-authorized agencies.

    The requirements for each agency model are different. If you are interested in becoming our contact lenses reseller or authorized distributor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      How do you sell lenses?

      How many pair can you sell per month?