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The best Contact Lenses Supplier for your business

If you are considering starting your contact lenses business, but do not find a suitable contact lens supplier, you are standing in the right place. We will become the best supplier for your contact lenses business.

1. Over 3000 patterns for ODM Choice
2. Over 300 patterns for Stock Choice
3. Over 30 years of industry experience
4. 10 Million Monthly Capacity
5. 18 Strict Working Procedure
6. MOQ Start from 50 Pairs
7. Complete Lenses pictures
8. Complete Certificates

As the original manufacturer of color contact lenses, we supply the best and most complete color contact lenses for contact lens suppliers from all over the world. We strictly control the manufacturing process of contact lenses to ensure that your customers can wear them safely and comfortably. Our contact lenses include transparent contact lenses, natural color contact lenses, cosplay contact lenses, Plano contact lenses, prescription contact lenses, daily contact lenses, yearly contact lenses, and contact lenses solution. All of these products can be customized at your request.

There are no limitations on colors and styles when you have more different needs from customers. We offer high-quality colored contact lenses that are absolutely safe for regular wear, which guarantees that your color contact lenses business is running well and gaining more and more customers.

Why we are your trustworthy contact lenses supplier

1. We have the world’s largest contact lenses factory, which guarantees an adequate supply of color contact lenses. You do not need to worry about contact lens inventory problems.

2. High-quality contact lenses, which guarantee you a steady stream of customers.

3. Fast contact lens delivery service. which will make Customers receive your goods as soon as possible.

4. High-quality technical support and product services. We have professional sales moments to help you solve product problems

Could you help me build my own color contact lenses brand

Yes, We have rich experience in creating the color contact lens brand for your company. We have a sound brand-building mechanism to help you succeed. We can guide you to become an excellent contact lens supplier and gain the trust of customers.

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Daily Lens (1)

3-tone Lens (13)

Prescription Lens (14)