Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism contact lens package labeling

If you want to buy the right contact lenses for you, you must first read the labels and codes on the package.

  1. “POWER / SPH / D / P: eye prescription, + for farsightedness, – for nearsightedness. -0 means flat light, no prescription.
  2. “B.C.”: The curvature of contact lenses, also known as the base arc, will affect fit and comfort.
  3. “DIA”: The diameter of the lens, generally speaking, does not have much effect on the clear lens.
  4. “EXP” or ” symbol: expiration date, avoid wearing expired contact lenses.
  5. “LOT”: The production batch, which can be used to provide brand owners with information about the origin of the lenses produced.
  6. On the other hand, astigmatism contact lenses are also packaged with the following markings.
  7. “CYL/C”: Astigmatism, the lens that is closest to and not higher than original astigmatism should be selected.
  8. “AXIS/AX/A”: The astigmatism axis, also known as the angle of astigmatism, should be chosen as the closest to the value of the axis of optometry, and a difference of more than 10 degrees from the original axis will affect the correction effect.

Before buying an astigmatism contact lens, you should know “astigmatism” first.

Astigmatism, also known as “disorderly vision”, “pediatric astigmatism” or “astigmatism”, is an abnormal curvature of the cornea that causes the eye to fail to focus on the retina, resulting in blurred or distorted vision, and even eye fatigue. If you have astigmatism, it is usually recommended to correct it through glasses, toric contact lenses, or surgery.

How do I choose a toric contact lens prescription?

Different brands of toric contact lenses are available in different prescriptions, and Freshlady has a professional brand team and a quality supply chain to provide you with wholesale and customized services. If you have higher astigmatism, you will need to order your own toric contact lenses.

  1. It is recommended to get the correct prescription from your ophthalmologist and follow the prescribed SPH, CYL, and AX to choose the right lenses for you.
  2. Before purchasing toric contact lenses, please find a professional optometrist to understand your astigmatism condition so that you can purchase the right product according to your usage habits and professional prescription.
  3. Different brands of toric contact lenses are labeled differently. The following is a list of common labels and their numerical meanings on the packaging of toric contact lenses.

(a). Sphere (or labeled as SPH/POWER/D/P): represents the refractive power to correct nearsightedness/farsightedness.

(b). Astigmatism (Cylinder, or labeled as CYL): represents the degree of correction of astigmatism.

(c). Axis of astigmatism (Axis, or AX): defined by a number between 1 and 180, where 90 is the vertical axis of the eye and 180 is the horizontal axis.