Contact Lens Prescriptions

What is a contact lens prescription?

Contact lens prescription is a document that specifies data identifying the contact lenses that the user needs to obtain, either at the optician or through another legally established system.

How necessary is a contact lens prescription?

It is also a document officially registered by a certified professional (in our country, an optometrist or ophthalmologist), signed with his signature identifying the parameters, use, replacement, and follow-up and maintenance of each contact lens.

How do I fill a contact lens prescription?

The stated formula must indicate the release date since it is generally accepted that the parameters must be reconfirmed every 6 months. The professional can clearly and precisely decide in the prescription or prescription whether to leave it for a longer or shorter period.

This document is also used to return (if it is) some indication about the product or products that are eventually adapted at the place of purchase and add the corresponding event or diligence. For example, the commercial name of the lens, the materials, design and equivalent parameters, changes in maintenance products, changes in parameters (if applicable), etc. All changes must always be accompanied by the signature of the professional who directed the change.

Buying contact lenses online with a prescription

In short, a prescription adds assurance between the professional, the consumer, and the final seller of the product.

Currently, one of the largest sales channels is the Internet. Users must know what guarantees these sites offer them and therefore give preference to buying on sites that accept prescriptions or prescriptions as a guarantee of adaptation. In this sense, it is highly recommended to consult the guarantees offered by the website about the above-mentioned aspects and, if they are not clearly shown, to ask for them from the telephone number or the administrator of the selling website.

How to wholesale contact lenses

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