Contact Lens Care Questions

I believe you will have many questions about contact lens care. How should I keep unopened lenses? Do I have to take care of them regularly? Freshlady Team often sees people searching for these on the internet, so we have collected some questions for you to answer in one place.

Q1.How do I store my unopened contact lenses?

Please keep them at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

There is no need to put them in the refrigerator.

Q2.How do I store my opened contact lenses?

After removing the lenses, please follow the care instructions for the lenses (washing, rinsing, disinfection, and storage). Please keep the lens case in a clean environment where direct sunlight does not shine. Disposable contact lenses that are replaced daily: they should not be reused.

Q3.Is it good to rinse my eyes after removing my contact lenses?

There is no need to rinse your eyes after removing your contact lenses.

Tears can adequately wash away dirt, etc. from the eyes. In addition, the surface of the eye is covered by a film of tears, which contains a large number of important substances such as a layer of oil that prevents tears from evaporating, a layer of mucus that holds the tears to protect the eye, antiseptic ingredients, and nutrients. If you rinse your eyes, the important ingredients are washed away, instead, they tend to hurt your eyes and cause dry eyes.

Q4. Why do lenses need care? (Except for contact lenses that are changed once a day)

Once you wear contact lenses, there are substances such as proteins and lipid-like bodies in tears that stick to the lenses, or dirt, bacteria, and mold that stick to the lenses through your fingers when handling them. If left unattended, dirt will accumulate on the lenses, and mold or bacteria will multiply on the lenses, eventually causing eye disease.

It is very important to take proper care of the lenses (washing, rinsing, disinfection, and storage) after removing them every day to keep them clean.

Q5. Can I use tap water instead of a care solution?

Soft contact lenses should never be cleaned with tap water.

If tap water is used instead of preserving the solution, the inorganic substances and other adhesions contained in tap water can cause bacteria and salt components to invade, etc., ultimately causing hidden eye disease.

Since water and soft contact lens-specific preserving solutions have different permeation pressures, using water instead of preserving solutions may cause seepage into the eye or lens adsorption to the cornea.

Please follow the instructions on how to use care products to properly preserve your lenses.

Q6.How do I rinse the contact lens case?

After wearing your contact lenses, rinse the empty case with running water and scrub carefully with your fingers. Cover the washed case with a hand towel or paper towel, place it in a clean place, and let it dry naturally.

Q7. Do I need to replace my lens case?

Please change the lens case regularly.

With prolonged use, dirt on the lens case, such as bacteria, mold, and other adhesions, can contaminate contact lenses and risk causing eye infections.

Especially if you use Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS), please replace the lens case once every 1 month. If the Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) comes with a lens case, it is recommended to replace the case each time you open a new bottle.

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