7 Tips For Contact Lenses

Nowadays, contact lenses are becoming more and more popular, and their convenience and aesthetics make it impossible for beauty lovers to part with them, but did you know? Contact lenses can get worse if you don’t clean them the right way or choose the right lenses for your eyes. So how do we buy and care for contact lenses? In this article, we’ll share 7 tips.

Who are not good contact lenses wearers?

There are two types of people who are not recommended to use them in their daily lives. The first type is patients with eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis and dry eye disease, who are not suitable for long-term use of contact lenses instead of regular glasses; the second type is people who work in places where there are volatile chemicals or in sandy places such as construction sites and beaches. The second type of people is those who work in workplaces with volatile chemicals or in windy places such as construction sites or beaches, where sand and volatile chemicals can easily cause damage to contact lenses and harm the eyes.

How do I choose the right contact lenses for me?

The B.C. value is the curvature of the contact lens. If you wear a lens with a curvature larger than your own, it will cause the lens to slide and your vision will be clear and blurred; if the curvature is too small, it will rub and irritate the cornea, which will easily lead to inflammation. This is the only way to buy the best contact lenses for you.

It is easy to put the maintenance solution in a messy way

In addition to contact lenses, maintenance solutions also need attention. If you put it in a cool, ventilated, and dry place, it will easily deteriorate and harm our lenses and eyes. Finally, if the solution contains hydrogen peroxide, which is an irritating ingredient, remember to neutralize the solution before wearing it.

Why can’t I put them on?

There are three main reasons why contact lenses don’t fit! First of all, the eyes are too dry, when the eyes are too dry, the tears also become sticky, then the contact lens will easily fall off and can not be worn, and the use of time is too long, the corneal lack of oxygen makes the surface of the eye swollen, change the curvature, so that the contact lens curvature does not fit; finally, the reason why we can not wear them is actually the wrong lens! Lenses with high water content may not be suitable for everyone, plus the lenses will absorb water from the eyes to maintain the water content, so remember to pay more attention when purchasing.

What should I do if I can’t put them on?

If your eyes are too dry, you can moisten them with artificial tears and put them on after a short rest, but in addition to these reasons, there are many newbies who feel that they can’t wear contact lenses well, in fact, they can’t wear them because they are wrong, the positive lenses are rounded and curved, and the negative ones have a distorted curve; then again, contact lenses are actually hydrophilic, so if you have any residual moisture on your hands, it will be difficult to wear them. If water is left on your hands, it will stick to your hands and won’t leave.

Did you do the cleaning contact lenses right?

Contact lenses are often dirty or dusty when worn on the eyes, so you should clean them carefully after taking them off to avoid contaminating your eyes with these “dirty things”. Afterward, rinse the lenses with saline and soak them in a water box for at least 6 hours.

Tips to prevent infection

Contact lenses are inherently harmful to the eyes, so take good care of them on a daily basis to protect them! First of all, you should pay attention to hand cleanliness when wearing and removing them, and disinfect and replace used appliances regularly. Each use time also tries not to exceed 8 hours, and finally, whether it is a monthly, quarterly, or annual throw as long as more than the cycle should be replaced, these simple actions can make the eye infection chance greatly reduced, so we must properly comply. If you have any other questions about this, you can contact us via WhatsApp on the freshlady website.

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